2016-2017 AMHA Online Registration Form

This form is not collecting results at the moment. 2016-2017 AMHA Online Registration Form does not collect results after 2016-10-31.

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2016-2017 AMHA Online Registration Form

Please fill out the form and make electronic payment or you can also make cash payments with the registrar or at the arena. The primary contact information for one parent or guardian is included here, you may provide the team manager with additional contact information, thank you.


If this is your first time applying to AMHA you must provide a copy of birth certificate or official documentation of age (status card, health card, school id, or passport)
If you are registering and require a release to try out you must pay the registration in full, a $50 fee will be applied upon successful transfer, otherwise all payments applied to registration. Upon President’s approval a signed release will be emailed to the address provided on this form.

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